Combined with raster images and reference I can create vector files in Adobe Illustrator or similar software within a month.


Full page catalogs previously done were 600 pages and up, done in about only 5 months. For more information see portfolio, Kroll Catalog.


Print and Books as well as covers for eBooks already have been ordered, custom casing and gift wrap available.

Service offerings in a catalog outline the different service options with various availability, scope, pricing and packaging choices.

Striving for perfection

Advertising Design
Branding Design
Logo Design

Print Design

Product Design
User Interface Design
Web Design

Great Design

Combing layout and design I can make the best brand style that your looking for and I urge you to contact me if you want to learn more about what I do.

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Take a Trip with me on a journey of a digital form.

From automotive to motion graphics to graphic design to photography I provide a service that is valued by all my previous employers. Just take a look at my work and you will see something you like and can see yourself hiring me for your own jobs.

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Be sure to check out the rest of my website and my portfolio,  it stands out from the crowd

Inspiring Original Work Statements

  • Telling my story one moment at a time

    Volpe Graphics started out as BrandV3D, then it was BrandV, now it stands for all that has come before it and currently and all that will come after it.  Graphic Design is mainly what I do, as well as motion graphics, and 3D Environment Artist for video games, but I am the best doing work professionally on a set of 2D planes, or well meaning flat dimensions.

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  • I Create album cover designs

    With the benefit of knowing Photoshop I have had the pleasure to work on Album covers.  In my spare time I also create beats for my personal pleasure.

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  • I can incorporate 3D design into your 2D Logo

    Combining 2D and 3D is done all the time, and makes for great shapes and angles and interesting looks and effects.  This is something I did with Milwaukee Gym, a client of mine.

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  • Creative Solutions to Vehicle Wrap Designs

    Here’s a snow mobile vehicle wrap design I did for a client (Arctic Fx).  It shows versatility and scalability, and I look forward to doing many more vehicle wrap designs.

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  • Exceptional Website Design

    I have over the past 2 decades done about 25 websites.  Some as recent as this one, and some before Facebook. Some were personal, some were student, some were FLASH sites, but my ability to adapt to the skills and technology with the times is something I will never forget. My professional websites total 12 and are still counting.

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Sweet words from clients

Amazing services

Here’s what I do best, front and center, this is who I am.
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Graphic Design0

Fast turnaround0

Fine Quality0

Innovative Design

Combine visually rich designs with text, and I will make the viewers eye go to the key pieces of information about you.


When I'm on a job, I am 100% dedicated to that value for the time it takes and the quality for the cost it costs.

Fast Turnaround

Speed is one of my virtues. It's lighting fast for me to design on the computer. 1 dimensions , no problem, 2 dimensions no sweat, 3 dimensions, easy peasy.


For perfection

Included  in each page of every one of my clients here online is a comprehensive image library of their company or business work on my site. Adding it if you choose, a excerpt from your personal biography.  Or simply just what you want the world to know what you have to offer.

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No coding required

I can make image and video, and video games with little to no code.  In fact I prefer no code or very little of it in my life, but have a wide variety of code language experience, especially in web.

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I’m unique and can make sure your design stands out from the crowd.
  • Baseball Solitaire
    In Abstract / Ads / Branding / Covers / Design / Product / Sport
  • BMW M3
    In Automotive / Design
  • Album Covers
    In Abstract / Branding / Design / Product
  • Detroit Tigers
    In Abstract / Ads / Branding / Covers / Design / Product / Sport
  • Macomb CC
    In Abstract / Ads / Automotive / Covers / Design
  • Jeep
    In Abstract / Ads / Automotive / Branding / Design / Product / Sport

Perfect for creatives

Brandon gives the ability to build virtually any design style. He is a professional designer and can do demos that are built entirely with your options and for you specially.
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